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The Sunset Cafe', our private restaurant and lounge, are ideal for a casual yet refined member experience. We offer a pub-style menu Thursday through Sunday with a top notch professional bartender to mix any drink you prefer. Our staff offers specials on both the menu and from the bar from time to time to mix things up. 

When you walk in you will be greeted like Norm from Cheers! 

Throughout the warm weather season we encourage members to dine and enjoy the outdoor covered patios that overlook the river. You can be served indoors, on the patio, or at the pool. 

Perched high on a hill, the views of the creek and river, boats coming and going, and the sunsets are tremendous! Not to mention we have the best Orange Crushes on the western shore...

Hours are seasonal, but generally:

Thursday 5-10

Friday 5-10

Saturday 3-10

Sunday 1-8

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