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2024 Queen of the Chesapeake – Crab & Anchor Apparel (

Welcome to the Queen of the Chesapeake Program and Pageant web page. We are a 77-year-strong program for Chesapeake Bay yacht clubs and their Princesses. Through the program, our princesses grow to be young ladies with grace, poise, and elegance. Our mission statement: "The Queen of the Chesapeake Program serves to empower young women, and to help them build self-confidence, through positive experiences within and around the yachting community on the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding tributaries. In addition to learning and experiencing Chesapeake Bay yacht club customs and traditions, the QOTC Program helps to expand young women's personal growth and inspire self-confidence through speech writing, public speaking, time management, relationship building, community service, conflict resolution, and fundraising.

2024 Pageant Application   |   2024 Pageant Handbook   |   2024 Pageant Presentation

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QotC History (coming soon)

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